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Why choose Base Camp Connect solutions?

Camp de Base

The efficiency and reliability of Base Camp Connect is based on several communication technologies: Mobile Network, Landline Network, Satellite Connection, radio and VoIP. Thus, if one of them becomes unavailable for any reason (overloaded cellular network, broken cell towers, no available network, no landline network nearby, etc.), the other ones will take over and therefore allowed pursuit of the operation.

To meet the requirements of each client, Base Camp Connect personalizes the trunks and extensions of his system in function of every organization.


(mobile network, landline, satellite, radio and VoIP)

Auto-installation in minutes

Unified communications

(Call transfer, voicemail, auto-attendant, etc.)

No traditional landline needed

Call recording

Internet connection


About Us

Base Camp Connect : The tool for a quick response

an Unique solution on the international level

Telflex’s mission is to provide innovative and creative solutions to the technological challenges of their customers. Faithful to its mission, Telflex developed Base Camp Connect as a response to a specific need of one of their major clients.

Shared values among Telflex members

  • Simplify your communication and manage your priority

Conferences and Trade Shows

Events calendar

April 8-9

APCO (Sacramento – Californie)

Sacramento Convention Center: Booth #639

April 21-22

Annual Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference (Augusta-Maine)

Augusta Civic Center: Booth #17

May 3-4

Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show (Toronto – Ontario)

Toronto Congress Center: Booth #331

May 6-7

New-Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association Conference (Atlantic City – New-Jersey)

Tropicana Hotel and Casino: Booth #512

May 17-18

Congrès de l’Association des Chefs en Sécurité Incendie du Québec (Sherbrooke – Québec)

Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke: Booth #179

June 4

5th Annual Public Safety Trade Show (New Hampshire)

Expo Center Radisson Hotel: Booth #49

August 16-17

APCO (Washington D.C)

Booth #1038

August 17-18

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (Québec-Québec)

Centre des congrès de Québec: Booth #211

November 2-5

APCO (Niagara – Ontario)


Centralised VOICE & DATA Communication System

  • BCC temporary OFFICes series

    Quick and efficient solution that allows organizations to continue their usual operations without any waste of time.


    Ensure interoperability through all communication technologies.

  • BCC MILITARY series

    Rely on a ruggedized solution that ensures secure communications.

Base Camp Connect

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