Un puente de voz táctico para despliegues sobre el terreno que no requiere una configuración compleja ni un entrenamiento exhaustivo.


Puente de voz portátil para despliegues interinstitucionales que no requiere una configuración compleja ni una formación exhaustiva.


Un sistema ampliable con un núcleo asequible que puede expandirse


Sistema robusto de interoperabilidad de voz, datos y radio para condiciones extremas.


Un robusto sistema que combina interoperabilidad de voz, datos y radio para su uso en entornos clasificados.


Sistemas de comunicación escalables que pueden actuar como respaldo del COE y como centro de mando portátil.

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Solución de comunicaciones de despliegue táctico para operaciones de coalición.

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Base Camp Connect’s favorite articles of the week!

15 abril 2021 4 minutos
BCC News

Hi everyone!

We hope you had a great week! Here are some of the team’s favorite articles of the week. Let us know which is your favorite and if there is other articles you would like us to share.

1. New Army tech ‘sees’ through battlefield blind spots

»Advances in ground robots, small drones, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data processing are being combined in an effort to help soldiers “see” the battlefield in ways hardly imagined until recently.

Four Army Research Lab projects at various levels of development aim to improve soldiers’ situational awareness by enabling them to spot roadside bombs, track targets, distinguish people in crowds and even merge their own human vision with computer vision for a full-scope view of the tactical edge of combat.»

Read the full article here

Staff Sgt. Andrew Porch/Army

2. 7 little ways to be an effective radio operator

»Every combat arms unit needs a radio operator. Whether they enlisted as one or they were “voluntold” to be one, someone’s gotta do it. There’s a steep learning curve between being a guy with a radio pack and being the go-to radio operator. If you can manage to be the best, your unit will cherish you.

To be the best, you need to master your equipment. Learning the ins and outs of the radio takes years of hands-on training that you won’t find in any schoolhouse — you can only find it by volunteering during every field op.»

Read the full article here

7 ways to be an effective radio operator

3. Tactical Communications Offer Promise

»Software-defined networks, commercial satellite communications, cognitive electronic warfare, intelligent radios and artificial intelligence applications all potentially offer the military advanced capabilities for the tactical environment, say Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory’s (APL’s) Julia Andrusenko, chief engineer, Tactical Wireless Systems Group, and Mark Simkins, program manager, Resilient Tactical Communications Networks. 

As a 20-year research engineer at APL in communications focusing on radio frequency (RF) propagation and prediction, and electromagnetics, Andrusenko works on the physical system side, examining tactical networks, antennas and radios, and associated applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And as the chief engineer in the Tactical Wireless Systems Group, Andrusenko is responsible for the technical quality of their projects on behalf of their U.S. military clients.»

Read the full article here

USA/PEO C3T Public Affairs

Let us know what you think about these articles! We hope you like them as much as we did!

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