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Système robuste alliant l’interopérabilité voix, données et radio conçu pour les conditions difficiles


Systèmes de communication évolutifs qui peuvent servir de solutions de secours à un centre des interventions d’urgence ou servir de centre de commande

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Welcome Simon! The team is growing!

04 juin 2020 2 minutes
Nouvelles BCC

We have some exciting news! The Base Camp Connect team is growing.

It’s been two months now since Simon Bérard has joined the team as Technical Engineer / Research and Development (R&D). Simon has been working with the Canadian Armed Forces for the past 17 years. He started as a part-time reservist during his studies and then switched to full time for several years. In the beginning, Simon occupied a gunner role at the 6th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA. He then transitioned to the ACISS (Army Communications & Information Systems Specialist) trade at 35 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters.

Simon has extensive knowledge in the RF Communications and Information Technology field. He is also part of the CFARS (Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System) program. The program is sponsored by National Defence Headquarters in which military and volunteer licensed Canadian Amateur Radio operators to participate and contribute to providing auxiliary communications on a local, national and international basis.

His experience with the Canadian Armed Forces will help us continue to enhance our defense industry capabilities.

CplC Simon Bérard - copie

In the picture you can see Simon (in the middle) with CDS General Vance Chief of Defence Staff and Deputy Minister of Defence John Forster at the Awards of Excellence in 2015. 

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Base Camp Connect

Base Camp Connect est une entreprise qui développe, produit et commercialise des solutions de communication. Nous avons développé une solution unique qui fournit l'interopérabilité entre la voix, les données et les radios pour les militaires et les services d'urgence.

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