Tactical Voice Bridge for field deployments that require no complex configuration and extensive training.


Portable Voice Bridge for interagency deployments that requires no complex configuration and extensive training.


An extendable system with an affordable core you can expand


Robust system combining voice, data, and radio interoperability for use in harsh conditions.


Robust system combining voice, data and radio interoperability for use in classified environments.


Scalable communication systems that can act as an EOC backup and portable command center.

BCC-MIL Series

Rapid Deployment Communication System for coalition operations

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23 February 2022 3 minutes
BCC News

With 2022 already underway, our team is working hard in order to deliver new and innovative blog posts for the year. But our previous blog posts are still relevant for your communications and emergency management; therefore, we thought it helpful to assemble our top 5 most read blog posts from this past year into one! Happy reading!

Situational Awareness in Communications

Situational awareness (SA) is a critical component to accomplishing any mission. Without a clear understanding of the physical world around us and how people act within that world, we cannot make informed decisions about our future actions. In this blog post, we discuss what precisely SA is (particularly for communications), why it is essential to understand for all levels of an organization, and some tips to help improve SA in all environments. 

Base Camp Connect in the Canadian Defence Review

This blog post contains an article by the Canadian Defence Review where we deep dive into everything that is Base Camp Connect: how the organization came to be, what they offer and how they stand out in their field, company values, and much more. This one is a personal favourite of ours, so definitely give it a read!

Expedition Planning

Planning for an expedition to a remote area can be an organizational nightmare. Identifying the goals for your mission, making sure you have the proper equipment to complete the task, and knowing how to pull it all off logistically can be daunting. Our team has operated in some of the most remote areas of the planet, therefore, we published this blog post to share some of the lessons we have learned in our adventures in hopes you can be better prepared for yours. If you’re preparing to leave on an expedition or want some tips for an eventual remote operation, this is the post for you!

Hf Communications Are Making a Comeback, and Here’s Why You Need to Get in on It!

HF communications have been around for more than a hundred years, and while new forms of communication have been introduced since then, HF communications remain a cost-effective and reliable option for both voice and data transmission. Despite its limitations, HF communications are still used within the defence sector and many of its issues are being resolved due to emerging technologies. This blog post proves it’s never too late to add this type of communication to your transmission assets because it acts as a great backup when other methods fail. 

The Benefits of 5G

The next wave of innovation in the telecommunications space is already upon us. 5G networks are spreading across the world and with them the promise of a brighter future. As the 5th generation of wireless technology, 5G networks have the potential to revolutionize the world. This blog post is all about understanding what 5G is and the significant benefits of the technology to help illustrate why there is so much optimism for a world connected to this advancement.

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Base Camp Connect provides rapidly deployable communications to public safety agencies to help them bridge communication gaps in the field. BCC empowers Military and First Responders by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn't require training to operate them.

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