Tactical Voice Bridge for field deployments that require no complex configuration and extensive training.


An extendable system with an affordable core you can expand


Robust system combining voice, data, and radio interoperability for use in harsh conditions.


Robust system combining voice, data and radio interoperability for use in classified environments.


Scalable communication systems that can act as an EOC backup and portable command center.

BCC-MIL Series

Rapid Deployment Communication System for coalition operations

Public safety
Search and rescue

We simplify interoperability

In an evolving world where Coalition deployments are increasing, Base Camp Connect dedicates itself to simplifying multi-domain operations.


Base Camp Connect manufactures and integrates voice, data & radio communication systems to interconnect disparate systems in a deployable format.

Our markets

Ensuring communication to protect human lives.

Interconnecting Coalition Forces and Mutual Aid Partners with incompatible equipment usually is impossible. Base Camp Connect helps interconnect different communication solutions brought to the scene to allow C2 capabilities and interoperability within 5 minutes of deployment.

All systems aim at improving mobility and readiness without requiring training to operate. They are also resilient to hard shutdowns.

Simplicity. Communication. Reliable. Simplicity. Communication. Reliable. Simplicity. Communication. Reliable.

Portable Interoperability Simplified

Base Camp Connect

What are your communication issues?

Are you struggling to find easy-to-use, intuitive, and reliable deployable communications solutions for your coalition operations or multinational exercises? We’ve got you covered.

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