Tactical Voice Bridge for field deployments that require no complex configuration and extensive training.


Portable Voice Bridge for interagency deployments that requires no complex configuration and extensive training.


An extendable system with an affordable core you can expand


Robust system combining voice, data, and radio interoperability for use in harsh conditions.


Robust system combining voice, data and radio interoperability for use in classified environments.


Scalable communication systems that can act as an EOC backup and portable command center.

BCC-MIL Series

Rapid Deployment Communication System for coalition operations


General questions

The BCC products are designed for who?

Every public safety, search, and rescue or military team needs interoperability between its communication equipment and its different partners on scene.

How do I know which BCC is best for my team and me?

You can see the main differences of the BCC systems in this comparative table . If you are unsure, you can always contact us , and we will help you figure it out.

I lost my portal password. What can I do?

You can retrieve your portal password by clicking on Forgot Password. If you still need help, please contact us by email at sales@basecampconnect.com or by phone at +1-418-837-8909.

Contact us

I would like to distribute your products

First of all, thanks for your interest in our company and products! If you feel like it would be a good fit, please let us know your interest by filling out this form .

Can the BCC be used between different entities/agencies?

Yes! It is precisely why we created the BCCs. They are designed to allow interoperability between the different partners onsite.

How can I connect radios in different talkgroups?

You can connect radios to different talkgroups by pressing the talkgroup push-button selector on the system’s faceplate.

Do the systems have different power supply sources?

Multiple power supply sources are available; power adapter (120/240 VAC), 12VDC vehicle power adapter, uninterruptible power supply(UPS), external batteries, etc.

Technical questions

With what systems are the BCC compatible?

Since we use standard and open protocols, our systems can be connected to most existing devices, networking, and telephony infrastructure and services hosted on the cloud or locally. Connected via Internet/VPN/Private Network, we ensure compatibility with industry standards.

What types of radios are compatible with the Base Camp Connect systems?

Nearly all radios are compatible, no matter the model, network, and encryption type. If the radios you are currently using are not standard, we can build custom cables to meet your needs.

Is the system SIP compatible?

Yes, all the systems are SIP compatible. You can register SIP extensions into radio talkgroups and communicate from phone to radio easily.

Can I use the BCC as a standalone interoperability module?

Yes, you can use the BCC to create your network for voice, data, and radio interoperability. There is no need to be connected to the internet to operate.

What are the connectors used?

The connectors used on our systems are all Standard NATO audio connectors (MIL-DTL-55116) and RJ45.

Can I connect multiple BCCs together?

For sure, you can connect them in multiple ways. It can either be remotely by satellite, Internet, radio, or analog connection or in the same environment with an ethernet cable. This allows you to multiply the BCCs capabilities and increase the area covered by your network.

Why do I need donor radios?

Donor radios are needed from every entity to relay audio through the Base Camp Connect systems to other radio networks, systems, etc.

Can I integrate my BCC system into my telephony infrastructure?

Yes, the Base Camp Connect systems are compatible with SIP-based IP PBX / Unified Communication systems.

Can I integrate my existing communication equipment into the BCC?

Yes, the Base Camp Connect systems have been designed to connect normally incompatible equipment and make them interoperable.

Can communications be encrypted with the BCC?

Multiple encryption options are available:

  • VPN: IPsec/L2TP/OpenVPN/ and more
  • SIP: SRTP payload encryption/TLS encryption for call set-up/Mutual authentication/FIPS 140-2/Suite B

Support questions

How can I contact the support team?
Where can I find the user manuals?

You can find the user manuals in your portal. If you can’t find what you are searching for, please contact our technical support team at helpdesk@basecampconnect.com.

Do you have warranty and service plans?

Yes, we do. To know more about our warranty and service plans, please contact your sales representative or contact us at sales@basecampconnect.com.

How do I set up my BCC?

A user manual is sent out with every system, which provides an overview on how to get started. If you need additional help, please contact the technical support team.

How do I update my system components (router, radio interface, unified communication server)?

Everything can be updated remotely in a secure way or locally with a computer. We suggest contacting the technical support team before attempting to update your system.

Do you have training options?

Yes, depending on the system you are buying, different training options are available. You can have on-site or virtual training.

Pricing and quotes

How can I get a quote?

Since all the products are custom made, you will need to fill out the request a quote form.

Why are there no prices on the website?

To provide pricing, we need to understand your needs because every BCC is custom-made to fit your needs.

Always available to help.

They are all so simple to operate, that they require no training and set up in just 5 minutes.