Tactical Voice Bridge for field deployments that require no complex configuration and extensive training.


Portable Voice Bridge for interagency deployments that requires no complex configuration and extensive training.


An extendable system with an affordable core you can expand


Robust system combining voice, data, and radio interoperability for use in harsh conditions.


Robust system combining voice, data and radio interoperability for use in classified environments.


Scalable communication systems that can act as an EOC backup and portable command center.

BCC-MIL Series

Rapid Deployment Communication System for coalition operations

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Base Camp Connect in the Canadian Defence Review

12 January 2021 1 minutes
BCC News

Base Camp Connect was interviewed by the Canadian Defence Review

“Communication is an underappreciated variable in combat,” says Raveneau.

“Once you add the complexity of coalition operations, communication becomes

 even more critical. Use it well, and you can achieve objectives faster and at a lower cost. If it is disrupted, expect a far greater struggle to reach your goal.”

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Base Camp Connect - CDR interview - soldiers - tactical communications

Link to the complete article : http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/b52fe87c#/b52fe87c/99

Base Camp Connect

Base Camp Connect provides rapidly deployable communications to public safety agencies to help them bridge communication gaps in the field. BCC empowers Military and First Responders by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn't require training to operate them.

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