Pont de communication tactique à déployer sur le terrain ne nécessitant aucune configuration complexe ou formation poussée


Pont de communication à déployer pour des opérations inter-agences ne nécessitant aucune configuration complexe ou formation poussée


Un système extensible doté d’un noyau abordable et expansible


Système robuste alliant l’interopérabilité voix, données et radio conçu pour les conditions difficiles


Système robuste combinant interopérabilité voix, données et radio pour une utilisation dans des conditions difficiles.


Systèmes de communication évolutifs qui peuvent servir de solutions de secours à un centre des interventions d’urgence ou servir de centre de commande

BCC-MIL Séries

Solution de communication tactique déployable pour les opérations conjointes ou de coalition

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Communications Equipment Grant Guide

09 mai 2017 2 minutes
Subvention & Financement

Let’s face it, an increasing number of public safety agencies are looking up to grants as a revenue stream to fund their operational equipment and personnal needs that are beyond their operational budget.

But with the complexity of grant cycle and the competition among public safety agencies, it’s a big challenge to get a grant for your communications equipment.


Here are just a few topics we cover:

  • How to define your organization’s needs. Evaluators need to know exactly what you need. A big plus here is if you’ve already identified this need in your strategic planning process and have not been able to fund it through your normal budgeting process.
  • Grant funding sources. Quick types on how to search easily and effectively on the web.
  • How to write a strong narrative.The number one reason why grant applications are denied? Failure for the grant seeker to follow directions. Once you have found a grant you want to apply for, and are sure you meet the eligibility requirements, read the current RFP very carefully.
  • How to manage your grant once awarded. Congratulations! You’ve been successful in obtaining the grant for your defined need. Now, it’s time to put it to use.
  • What to do if you didn’t get the grant. Request feedback from the grant source; specifically, you’re looking for guidance on why your application was turned down and what you can do to strengthen your application for future submissions.

Grants Guide Tablet Mockup gOOD ONE-1.png


Base Camp Connect

Base Camp Connect est une entreprise qui développe, produit et commercialise des solutions de communication. Nous avons développé une solution unique qui fournit l'interopérabilité entre la voix, les données et les radios pour les militaires et les services d'urgence.

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